Category: Major Project

Some of the 100 designs

These are some of the outcomes which I’ve created. Continue reading “Some of the 100 designs” »

London cycling dangers

One of the sub-projects of my mayor project will be a poster series of the dangers of cycling in London. I want them to be very official, and informative. The list is mostly based upon my own experience, but I have asked several cyclists what they watch out for. Continue reading “London cycling dangers” »

Working on 100 designs

With only two weeks left before I need to hand in 100 designs, I’ve started to realise some things. Continue reading “Working on 100 designs” »

Inspiration on sound visualisation

One of the aspects I want to feature in my mayor project is sound. Now it’s hard to visualise sound, because sound is something which is of course heard, and not seen. Although I’m not a great fan of this track, it does give me some simple ideas on how one could visualise sounds.

City rhythms with Ben Richards

Rhythm. It’s something which we most commonly notice within music. But rhythm is everywhere, and with Ben Richards we needed to show these hidden systems. Continue reading “City rhythms with Ben Richards” »

Visualising sounds with Katy Oswald

During the first three weeks of the mayor project I’ll be attending workshops, which will help me to explore the concept ‘The City.’ I found Katy’s workshop very interesting. Continue reading “Visualising sounds with Katy Oswald” »

Introducing the mayor project

Yikes, it’s time for the mayor project. That sounds big, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Continue reading “Introducing the mayor project” »