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Project 01: The final outcome

Sorry guys, I haven’t had the time to post anything, so here’s my belated blog post. On the 6th of December I finally handed in my Project 01 / A-Z project. Continue reading “Project 01: The final outcome” »

Practicing calligraphy and made a new book

I’m still working on both my calligraphy and bookbinding skills. Mostly focusing on the calligraphy part of it. Continue reading “Practicing calligraphy and made a new book” »

Useful resource for learning calligraphy

This has been the most useful resource I’ve had for learning calligraphy. Thanks Hasan Gözlügöl for finding it for me! This has been extremely useful for Project 01.

Project 01: Prototypes

For this project I’ve been doing my best to acquire two skills which I don’t yet have: bookbinding and calligraphy. Continue reading “Project 01: Prototypes” »

Project 01: Project Proposal

I recently presented the work I’ve done for Project 01. After doing so, we needed to propose the project we’d want to give ourselves. I’ve recorded a presentation at home as well.  Continue reading “Project 01: Project Proposal” »

Project 01: research presentation

This week I needed to present my research I had done so far for Project 01. We needed to create a 10 page PDF and present. Continue reading “Project 01: research presentation” »

Uni has started again!

Uni has started again! Last Monday was my first class. Continue reading “Uni has started again!” »