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H₂O& research document

If you are interested, you can also download the document.

Introducing Project 2

Last week Project 2 started. The project started by showing each other our audition videos. Based on these videos we needed to form groups.

From the start of the project I intended to form a group with members who have an opposite skill set to mine. This actually didn’t happen. In the end I formed a group with Alex Lloyd, Hasan Gözlügöl, Theo Mayers, and Joana Fernandes.

Now a very quick summary of the project:

Your subject is ‘water’. Research in to this subject and find issues. Keep researching and exploring, until you have a very vast amount of information. After this it is time to start working on your ideas, create prototypes, designs, pitch, etc.

Over the weeks you will have to continue presenting your work, and the project is due in 5 weeks (now actually 4) during Green Week at LCC.

For this project we need to document our process, and we’ve had to set up a blog to do this. Please check it out.