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This is an industry project together with ico design. Throughout the whole project I’ll be working with Blythe de Gruchy.

We need to create an iPhone app that explores the theme of psychogeography. Psychogeography tries to make you view the city in a different manner, by making you explore, wander, and drift through it.

Flock Design Report

In the end we created a design report for Flock.

We made a printed document, but it is being graded at the moment. You still can view it online though!

An example of a design report

For our final outcome for Project 4 / Flock we want to make a design report. Here’s an example of one.

It is interesting, but I do feel ours will have a stronger emphasis on the research and analysis, and not be as experiment / outcome based.

Just received feedback from ico!



Due to this project being a collaboration, Blythe got the same feedback.

If you’d like to compare with other students, please view the other grades here.

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Our pitch at ico Design


Today we had the chance to pitch our idea at ico Design.

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Feedback on Flock

This week is all about design, and we had the chance to show our idea, and what we had done so far.

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Our initial concepts for ico

We also showed a quick ‘n dirty research PDF.

First feedback session


Today Blythe and I had our first feedback session, for the ico design project.

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Blythe’s posts for the ico design brief


Photograph made by Khush Matharu.

So Blythe has been working hard on some blog posts, which are definitely worth checking out! Want to know why I chose this amazing photograph? Keep on reading.

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Interview transcripts

Today we went out and briefly interviewed some people around Bank. These were some of the questions, and answers we’ve had. Analysis will happen in a future post of either Blythe or me. Continue reading “Interview transcripts” »