Project 01: Prototypes

For this project I’ve been doing my best to acquire two skills which I don’t yet have: bookbinding and calligraphy.

Over the past weeks I’ve been attending bookbinding classes at Bookworks, all the books you see have been books I’ve been producing at the course. This was a great opportunity to learn about many bookbinding techniques. I’ll need to pick one for the final outcome.

I’ve not yet worked enough on my calligraphy skills, and I definitely need to improve, so far it’s looking a bit like this.

This is quoted, and of course I wouldn’t use such language myself…

I’m not yet set on what bookbinding technique I want to use for my final outcome. I’d like to cover for a big multi-section book, but I simply won’t have enough content. Joshua Trees, one of the tutors, did suggest that I could simply create a book with many pages, and simply leave the remaining pages blank. I’m not sure what to think of this, is that an example of form taking over function? Do I want to do that?

Published on November 25, 2012

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