In the end we created a design report for Flock.

We made a printed document, but it is being graded at the moment. You still can view it online though!



Due to this project being a collaboration, Blythe got the same feedback.

If you’d like to compare with other students, please view the other grades here.

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Today we had the chance to pitch our idea at ico Design.

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This week is all about design, and we had the chance to show our idea, and what we had done so far.

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In the end we decided to go for our Flock concept. Here are its first visuals:

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We also showed a quick ‘n dirty research PDF.

Today we went out and briefly interviewed some people around Bank. These were some of the questions, and answers we’ve had. Analysis will happen in a future post of either Blythe or me. Continue reading “Interview transcripts” »

It happens all the time in computer / handheld / console games. Remember this terrible moment from Pokémon?

Normal day
Found on 9GAG.

This TED Talk was not extremely useful for my research, except for one thing. The 1:13 – 1:49 segment, which can be summarised with the following two lines.

“I don’t know where we’re going. ”

“Neither do I sir, it will be an adventure! ”

This view on transport, live, and travelling might be useful for our ico project.