In the end we created a design report for Flock.

We made a printed document, but it is being graded at the moment. You still can view it online though!



Due to this project being a collaboration, Blythe got the same feedback.

If you’d like to compare with other students, please view the other grades here.

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Today we had the chance to pitch our idea at ico Design.

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This week is all about design, and we had the chance to show our idea, and what we had done so far.

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In the end we decided to go for our Flock concept. Here are its first visuals:

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We also showed a quick ‘n dirty research PDF.


Today Blythe and I had our first feedback session, for the ico design project.

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Photograph made by Khush Matharu.

So Blythe has been working hard on some blog posts, which are definitely worth checking out! Want to know why I chose this amazing photograph? Keep on reading.

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For our next uni project I’ll be working with Ico Design:

“Ico is a small, sociable and prolific design team with a successful 17-year history. From our central London studio we’ve created award winning print and digital work, and been instrumental in the launch of many successful brands.

ico create brands and produce exceptional print and digital communication for clients in the arts, property, food, retail and museum sectors. We believe the best work is grounded in collaboration, developed by clear thinking and delivered with creative flair and attention to detail. ”

I’m really excited to do a branding project, because I have not had the chance to do one properly. More info to follow in just under two weeks.