Using the pedestrian crossing’s button

Just came across this article on the BBC: Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything?.

The short answer: sometimes. 

If the crossing is a stand-alone pelican crossing, then it will change the lights “without delay.” Otherwise there are a lot more variables, including traffic and other traffic lights’ current state. Sometimes the button’s are completely useless, and in fact a placebo button, to create the illusion of control.

Now the pedestrian crossing I’m focusing my project on is not a stand-alone crossing, as a result the button does not have an immediate effect. This gives me a great oppurtunity to utilise the button.

I actually recently saw a video of an interactive pedestrian crossing.

Now I’m not too familiar with German pedestrian crossings, but the interface almost seems too high-tech and as a result I’d imagine this to be difficult to implement, without replacing the whole button module. I’d prefer to create a solution which could be added to the existing situation.

Published on October 14, 2013

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