We Are London

We Are London is a 2012 Olympic mobile app project in collaboration with LBi, the World’s leading digital marketing & technology agency and three of my colleagues – Hasan, Elvira, and Brad. Below I have documented the process behind the app as well as early design mock-ups.

The main insight from this project was that: “People are naturally resistant to change. However the Olympics will be disrupting our routines and we will have to make the necessary changes.”

We needed to create a platform which was able to inform users, so they can change their routines as effortlessly as possible.

This is were We Are London steps in. We Are London is a mobile app that allows you to ask questions about a specific location here in London and get answers from users currently at that location in real time. Not only will these answers be relevant and current, you’ll also get the most up-to-date information in the shortest amount of time possible.

For more in-depth documentation about this project please view the delivered design report (includes other projects undertaken as well).