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Building a team from scratch

Where to start when building a new team

Help! My software project is behind schedule

What to do when projects start to slip

How to transfer a Route53 domain name between AWS accounts

Learn how to transfer a domain name between AWS accounts

4 tips to make faster and better decisions at work

For almost any meaningful work, you will need to work together with others. This does come with the need to make decisions. Here are some tips to make faster and better decisions.

Building a website for the long-term

Learn about the technical decisions I made to update this website and keep it running for the long-term. This post covers static site generators, CI/CD and AWS products.

A return to blogging

After 6 years, I'm returning to blogging. Keeping a blog really helps you organize thoughts and share these easily. It is something I have missed having, and I look forward to getting back into this practice.