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Bread ahead: 75% wholemeal pan loaf

Published on Sat May 25 2024 19:14:21 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The bread

A slice of the bread



Ingredient Quantity (g)
Wholemeal flour 250
Water 200
Instant yeast 2


Ingredient Quantity (g)
Pre-ferment 450
Water 250
Wholemeal flour 183
White flour 177
Salt 10

All ingredients combined

If you want to understand the baker percentages, breaking out pre-ferment is clearer

Ingredient Quantity (g) Baker's Percentage (%)
Water 450 90
Wholemeal flour 383 76
White flour 177 24
Instant yeast 2 0.4
Salt 10 2


Step Time
Make pre-ferment 5 mins
Pre-ferment rest at room tempereature 2 hours
Pre-ferment rest in fridge 15 hours
Knead 5 mins
Bulk rise 1.5 hours
Bench rest 45 mins
Proof 1.5 hours
Bake at 235CÂș 35 mins


  1. Great crumb!
  2. Flavour was a bit bland. Bulk rise can happen in fridge, which might give more flavour
  3. Good everyday loaf
  4. Looks more like a Hartog bread than the actual Hartog recipe I follow. I wonder if Hartog book simplifies the process to make it less daunting than long ferments (and pre-ferments) as used here!